Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

Module no. 10: Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising: Display advertising is advertising through text, images, flash, video, and audio on websites or apps or social media through banners or other ad formats. The main purpose of display advertising is to provide site visitors with general advertising and brand messages.

According to eMarketer, 33 percent of display ad spending market share will be taken from Facebook and Twitter by 2017. Google’s display campaigns reach 80 percent of global internet users. Desktop advertising has also overshadowed the purchase of search ads in 2014, with mobile ad spending to overtake display in 2015.

Display Advertising Content
·        What is online advertising?
·        Types of Online Advertising
·        Display Advertising
¤ Banner ads
¤ Rich Media ads
¤ Pop ups and Pop under ads
·        Contextual advertising
¤ In Text ads
¤ In Image ads
¤ In video ads
¤ In page ads
·        What are Payment Modules?
·        Companies that provide online advertising Solution
·        Tracking & Measuring Roi of online adv.
·        Assignment on allocating funds to various
·        Different Online advertising platforms
·        Creating Banner Ads Using Tools

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