About Us

surendra gusain

Founder & Director Of indian I.T expert

Founder's Message

Sometimes we focus so much on the bits and bytes of the equation that we forget the information part. If it comes down to it www.indianitexpert.com is all about using technology to inform, communicate, and make business easier and easier to understand. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” The origin of this quote is often attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

About Us

INDIANITEXPERT.COM offers technology decision-makers, business leaders and other IT influences a unique environment for information collection and sharing that helps them perform their jobs efficiently and with authority. We are here to list key products in a specific category of products, advice on how to tackle a technical challenge or a quick introduction to emerging technology. We’ve created a new way to transform IT. Our job is not just to solve technical problems, but to develop strategic solutions for the success of an organization or institution.

We empower people here to do what they want to do, making them creative and productive. It allows people to learn things they thought they couldn’t learn before, so it’s all about potential in a sense. The core of how you do your business and how your business model evolves is information technology.

INDIANITEXPERTS.COM focuses on innovation, growth and tangible results. “Our main objective is to capture the intimate conversation between peers and colleagues when they need quick advice from a trusted, experienced source.

Technology changes at a business speed and we commit ourselves to keeping you up-to-date with all the new gadgets and hacks to conquer the quest. We provide companies with the ability to see changes in global markets much faster than they normally do and buy software packages and hardware to help them do their job.

The formula for business success nowadays is simple, driving information technology innovation. We’ll help you figure out how to choose intelligent IT recruitment. A company will not go far without a backbone of information technology.

What Makes Us Different..?

We're transformative.

We like travel, not treadmills. It is an endless journey that requires accountability and iterative change at every step to find better ways to do things. We are known to continually upgrade our platform and offer new services, all of which allow our customers to move towards a more powerful future.

We are life-long learners.

We are not only proven experts in today's technologies, but we constantly read, attend conferences, test new tools, learn and explore how technology affects our customers ' businesses.

We're creative and disciplined.

Both of us value and encourage. We are disciplined by the fact that we have the processes and focus on expertly managing complex IT environments according to best practices in the industry and we do so with clarity and excellence. Today and for the future, we are creative in our approach to solving issues, new ideas and opportunities.