Ad sense and Blogging

Adsense & Blogging

Module no. 18: Adsense & Blogging

Adsense & Blogging: The good news is that Adsense is about the easiest way to start making money with their websites for bloggers or webmasters. The Adsense spiders will crawl your site to see what all your pages are about after installing the ad code on your site.

They then check their ad inventory and place related advertisements next to each of your articles. This works well for everyone as someone reading a gardening article is much more likely to purchase gardening tools than someone reading a car tires article.

Adsense & Blogging Content
·       What is adsense?
·       How to get approved for adsense?
·       Cool trick to get adsense approval by Google
·       Using your adsense account interface
·       Placing ads on your blog
·       Creating blogs with our Free theme
·       Then we will share 1 secret method Through which you will make money with adsense

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