Adobe after Effect

Adobe After Effects

Module no. 7: Adobe After Effect

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics and complex application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the film and television production post-production process. After Effects can be used to key, track, compose, and animate, among other things. It also works as a non-linear editor, audio editor and media transcoder that is very basic. The program won a scientific and technical achievement Academy Award in 2019.

After Effects Contents
Welcome to After Effects
·         What is Adobe After Effect…?
·         Tour of the interface
·         Setting preferences
Getting Started
·         Creating a new project / Composition
·         Creating a new composition from footage.
Animation Techniques
·         Keyframing
·         Temporal and spatial keyframes
·         Motion Paths
·         Orientation
·         Anchor point essentials
·         Rove across time
·         Toggle hold
·         Exponential Scale
·         The Graph Editor
·         Motion sketch
·         Roving and hold
Layout Control
·         Arrange, Organise and navigate layers
·         Fun with shape layers
·         Examples of Effects
·         Applying Effects
·         Masks and mask animations
·         The different types of tracking
·         Track camera
·         Track motion
·         Perspective Corner pin
Working with Transparency
·         Track mattes and Stencils
·         Green Screens
Type Animation
·         Working with Type
·         Text on a path
·         Basic Text Animation
·         Text Animation presets
·         Layer Styles

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