Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Module no. 5: Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator is a software application that uses a Windows or MacOS computer to create drawings, illustrations and artworks. Initially released in 1987, Illustrator continues to be updated at regular intervals and is now part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Illustrator is widely used worldwide to create high-quality artwork by graphic designers, web designers, visual artists, and professional illustrators. Illustrator includes a lot of sophisticated drawing tools that can reduce illustration time.

Adobe Illustrator Content
  • Creating Complex Illustrations.
  • Creating compound path : Pathfinder palette.
  • Creating Compound Shapes.
  • Offset Path, Outline Path.
  • Working with Basic Tools.
  • More on the Layers Palette.
  • Creating new Layers.
  • Moving Objects & Layers.
  • Locking & Viewing Layers.
  • Working with Masks.
  • Creating Clipping Mask.
  • Editing Clipping Mask & Masked Objects.
  • Creating Opacity Mask.
  • Editing Opacity Mask & Masked Objects.
  • Transparency effects.
  • Document Raster Effect Settings.
  • Working in Perspective.
  • Creating Blends, Edit & Blend Options.
  • Graphic Styles.
  • Creating Seamless patterns.
  • Working with Gradient Mesh.
  • Creating Web Graphics.
  • Advanced Filters and Effects.
  • Recording, Playing & Editing Actions.
  • Dynamic Text.
  • Using Menu Options.

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