Advance web designing

Advance Web Designing

Module No. 5: Advance Web Designing: HTML5, CSS3

Advance Web Designing: Web design encompasses many different website manufacturing and maintenance skills and disciplines. Web graphic design, interface design, authoring, including standardized code, proprietary software, user experience design, and SEO (search engine optimization) are the different areas of web design.

Advance Web Designing Contents
·                     Introduction to HTML5 & CSS3
·                     New Features in HTML5
·                     The Canvas Element
·                     Media Playback: Audio and Video.
·                     New Content Specific elements
·                     Article, Header, Footer, Nav, Section
·                     New Form Controls in Html5
·                     Calendar, Date & Time, URL & Search.
·                     HTML5 Templates
·                     What’s New in CSS3
·                      CSS3 Background and Boarders
·                      CSS3 Text Effects & Fonts
·                      CSS3 Shapes
·                      CSS3 Fill Effects, Gradients
·                      Transformation & 2D Effects
·                      CSS3 Animations
·                      Clip Controls
·                      CSS3 Templates
·                     Using “Dreamweaver” to create advanced websites

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