Asp .Net Introduction and Sample Program

Module no. 9: ASP.Net Introduction and Sample Program

Microsoft.Net Training Course ASP.NET is a technology that Microsoft, one of the software market’s largest companies, has developed. This technology enables programmers to build Websites, Web Apps and Mobile Apps. It also provides a developer with the ability to write code in multiple languages such as VB.NET, C#.NET etc. To enhance its power, it uses object-oriented approach. To make it highly secure, it uses dynamic link library (dll). It also provides us with the vast built-in library function to save development time and create high quality coding standard.

ASP .Net Content
·         How to create and run the first ASP.NET application.
·         What is Internet Information services?
·         What is Internet Information services?
·         Understanding the code generated by VS.NET.
·         Example Programs.
·         Understanding AutoPostBack.
·         Creating a Layout Using Master Pages.
·         Creating a UserControl.
·         Adding a Usercontrol to the WebForm.

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