Best 5 Computer Courses to Start your Own Business

In todays time everyone wants to be their own boss. Each and everyone want to be the captain of their own ship. Everyone wants to lead a boss free life.

Today’s generation loves to be Flexible with their working hours. We all want to spend more spare time eventually or we would always like to spend more time with our family and friends. Everyone likes to be their own boss and to Call the shots where nobody else is allowed to set the rules.

You can pursue your passion and do what makes you happy. You will be free to create something from scratch and take it to heights. Watch your organization grow from start to finish. You can help people Use products and services to improve their lives and become an expert. Well you can stop working as Work that you enjoy doing shouldn’t be described as “work.”

And With the digitization happening all over the world, a business related to computer field would be much more profitable than any other field. And if you want to start a business related to computer field then I might be the answer that you are searching for. I can tell you the best 5 computer courses that will help you to start your own business.

1. Web Development and Web Designing 

In this new era of digitization no business can survive without going online and for going online they need a WEBSITE to represent them in this new realm of endless possibilities and chances for growth. Because of digitisation the demand for web developers and web designers is at peek. A web developer is an individual who develops a website and a web designer on the other hand is the one who designs it.

Web Developers make a functioning website from the website. Web developers use HTML, CSS and other programming languages which helps them to bring the design files to life. On the other hand, Web designing refers to aesthetic sense and usability of the website. Adobe Photoshop and other designing programmes are used to create the layout and all other visual elements of the website by the Web designers.

Mentioned below are the modules that you will learn this course.
Web development modules

Module No.1 – Introduction of Web Development

Module No.2 – Computer Operating & File Management

Module No.3 – Advance HTML

Module No.4 – Advance CSS & Dreamweaver

Module No.5 – JavaScript & Jquery

Module No.6 – Php Programming

Module No.7 – Php My Admin

Module No.8 – Introduction to RDBMS

Module No.9 – My SQL

Module No.10 – Integration Php with My SQL

Module No.11 – WordPress CMS

Module No.12 – Project Work

Module No.13 – SDP

Web designing modules

Module No.1 – Introduction of Web Designing

Module No.2 – Computer Operating & File Management

Module No.3 – Basic HTML & CSS

Module No.4 – Adobe Photoshop

Module No.5 – Flash Animation

Module No.6 – Advance Web Designing

Module No.7 – Connecting JavaScript & Jquery

Module No.8 – Php Integration with website

Module No.9 – Registering Domain & Hosting

Module No.10 – Project Work

Module No.11 – SDP

2. Graphic Designing

Graphic designers use text and images to convey their message to sell a product or services. A Good Impression is the first and foremost thing to build a strong impact over the other person. It is really important to leave them mesmerised, talking and praising you and your work and for that you need a graphic designer because a Good design makes you look really good.

Graphic designing serves to convey your ideas in an effective, attractive and mesmerising way. Don’t forget that Presentation and perception can make or break your business.

 So it becomes very important to present yourself in the best way possible. With the advancement in the industry technology and a new platform for marketing don’t get left behind. Every company is looking for efficient and effective Graphic Designers. So it is the best time to make a career in this field as the market is too hot right now.

Following modules are the ones which are covered in this course.

Module No.1 – Introduction of Graphic Designing

Module No.2 – Computer Operating & File Management

Module No.3 – Corel Draw

Module No.4 – Adobe Photoshop

Module No.5 – Adobe Illustrator

Module No.6 – Adobe InDesign

Module No.7 – Adobe after Effects

Module No.8 – Smart Graphic Tool

Module No.9 – Project Work

Module No.10 – SDP

3. Software Development

You already know that we all are tuning over a new leaf in our life with technology and also with INDIA being digitized. So with the changing times there is a huge demand for software developers. You can learn software developing by doing a professional course. It gives a wider career prospect and job opportunities for your career growth you can also start your own business after words. The process that involves several tasks, like computer programming, documenting, repairing and testing and is concerned by the creation, the maintenance of applications and the frameworks which increase business’s productivity is Software Development.


Module No.1 – Introduction of Software Development

Module No.2 – Computer Operating & File Management

Module No.3 – .Net Framework

Module No.4 – Developing Console Application

Module No.5 – C Programming

Module No.6 – Object Oriented Feature

Module No.7 – Exception Handling

Module No.8 – Web Application

Module No.9 – Asp.Net Introduction

Module No.10 – Type of Server Controls

Module No.11 – Validation Control

Module No.12 – XML Language

Module No.13 – Data Access Using Ado.Net

Module No.14 – Application Development

Module No.15 – Crystal report

Module No.16 – Live Project

Module No.17 – Own Project

Module No.18 – SDP

4. Mobile Application Development

In today’s world every third person has a mobile, which is already full of applications. Right now we have so many apps like apps for various types of games apps then we have for shopping, colouring for listening songs watching TV watching videos, chatting. Every company is launching their own mobile applications along with their websites just to connect easily with the audience, to be in reach, to lure them and so there is a lot of possibility and opportunities in mobile application development. It is a process of writing software’s for devices such as smartphones and tablets

Want more details about the courses and scope? Click at the link below

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, Last but not the least Digital marketing is also one of the best courses in I-T field to start your own business.

With India being digitised everything is changing at the speed of light because of advancement n technology.

Who is a digital marketer?

Well It Is a Low Hanging Fruit, a Digital Marketer Is a Person who Markets Goods and Services digitally and with Digitization the Digital marketing industry is anticipated to grow more and more in the future. If you are thinking to make career in this industry then yes you are about to knock on the doors of endless opportunities.

 This Digital industry is growing 10 times faster than the traditional industry.]

There is a vast field of job profiles to choose from, you can excel your in career in any particular profiles if you are a potential individual. Digital Marketing Manager Content Marketing Manager, Content Writers, SEO Executives Copy Writers Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists Content Marketing Search Engine Marketers Inbound Marketing Manager Freelance Work are some of the profiles that you can go for.

Below are the modules of digital marketing.

Module No.1 – Introduction Digital Marketing

Module No.2 – Computer Operating & File Management

Module No.3 – Website Planning & Creation

Module No.4 – E-mail Marketing

Module No.5 – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Module No.6 – Lead Generation For Business

Module No.7 – Google Adwords PPC Advertising

Module No.8 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Module No.9 – Google Analytics

Module No.10 – Online Display Advertising

Module No.11 – E-Commerce Marketing

Module No.12 – Content Marketing

Module No.13 – Youtube Marketing

Module No.14 – Mobile Web Marketing

Module No.15 – Online Reputation Management

Module No.16 – Create Digital Marketing Strategy

Module No.17 – Affiliate Marketing

Module No.18 – Adsense & Blogging

Module No.19 – Project Work

Module No.20 – How To Get Freelancing Work

Module No.21 – SDP


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