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Computer Operating & File Management

Module No.2 : Computer Operating & File Management

Computer Operating: Software installed on a computer’s hard drive is an operating system or OS that allows computer hardware to communicate with and run computer programs. Without an operating system it would be useless to have a computer and software. The picture to the right is an example of a popular operating system called Microsoft Windows XP.

Operating System Types.
Operating System Listing
Operating System Q&A
Operating System Definitions

File Management: A file management system is a type of software in a computer system that manages data files. It has limited capabilities and is intended for the management of individual or group files, such as special office documents and records. It may display useful in an office environment report details such as owner, creation date, completion status and similar features.

A file management system is also known as a file manager.

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Drive Handling
Partition Of HDD
What Are C/D/E Drive
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