Corel draw

Corel Draw

Module No. 2: CorelDRAW

CorelDraw: Corel Corporation developed and released a vector graphics editor called CorelDRAW. The software is a robust graphics suite that allows users to edit graphics with many features. These features include contrast adjustment, color balancing, adding to images special effects such as borders, and being able to work with multiple layers and multiple pages.

Corel Draw Contents

Basics and Interface

·         Getting Start : Corel Draw Screen & Options.
·         Tool Bar & File Operations.
·         Setting Up Document.
·         Moving Anound Current page.
·         Page Setup.
·         Save, Import, Export, Print etc.

Objects- Creation And Manipulation

·         Using Selection Tool : Pick Tool, Freehand Tool.
·         Creating Objects :Rectangle,Ellipse,Polygon,Basic Shapes etc.
·         Shape Tool,Crop Tool, Smear Tool, Attract, Repel Tools.
·         Moving Objects, Copying and Deleting Objects.
·         Transforming Objects.
·         Outlining & Filling Objects.
·         Eyedropper and Paint bucket Tools.
·         Outlining & Filling Objects.
·         Outline Tool.
·         Using Fill Tool.
·         Interactive Mesh fill.
·         Copying Attributes, Setting Outline and Fill Defaults.
·         Arranging Objects.
·         Grouping and Ungrouping Objects.
·         Using Guidelines.
·         Using Dynamic Guides.
·         Using Snap To.
·         Aligning Objects.
·         Group and Child Objects.
·         Combining and Breaking Objects.
·         Welding, Intersection, Trim Objects.
·         Using Layers.
·         Editing Layers.
·         Moving, Copying, and Locking Layers.
·         Using the Object Manager.

Page Layout, Printing, Exporting and Advanced Features

·         Page Layouts & Printing.
·         Greeting Card, Cereating & Using Templates.
·         Print Preview Setup.
·         Printing Options.
·         Exporting to Graphic Formats.
·         Creating Symbols & Custom Patterns.

Working With Special Effects And Texts

·         Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool.
·         Shaping an Object with an Envelope.
·         Extruding an Object.
·         Blending Objects.
·         Lens Effect & Add Perspectives.
·         Using Power Clips.
·         Applying Contours.
·         Applying Drop Shadows.
·         Applying Distortions.
·         Using Interactive Fills.
·         Using Interactive Transparencies.
·         Mesh Fills.
·         Working with Text.
·         Text Tool, Artistic Text & Paragraph Text.
·         Paragraph Options, Indents & Ruler.
·         Importing Text.
·         Paragraph formatting & Spell Checker.
·         Special Text Effects.
·         Fitting Text to a Path, Converting Text to Curves, Creating Blended Text Shadows.
·         Special Text Effects, Jumpy Text, Neon Text, Glowing Text, Chrome Text.
·         Working with Bitmap.
·         Importing Bitmap, Adjusting Color.
·         Hiding Certain Colors in a Bitmap.
·         Applying Special Bitmap Effects.
·         Creating Web Images.
·         Advanced GIF Options.

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