Data Using ado .net

Data Access Using ADO .Net Data Set

Module no. 13: Data Access using ADO.Net Data SET

Data Access using ADO.Net Data SET: ADO.NET has two central components to access data: the DataSet and the. NET data provider, a set of components including the objects Connection, Command, DataReader and DataAdapter. The DataSet is designed to provide independent source access to data.

Data Access Content
·         What is Dataset?
·         Advantages of DataSet.
·         Fetching data using Fill methos of DataAdapter and filling data into Dataset to create a DataTable.
·         Showing DataTable in DataGridView.
·         Fetching data from DataRow to get a DataRow from a collection for rows.
·         Using Select method of DataTable and specifing the condition.
·         Updating data using Update method of DataAdapter.
·         Using Sqlcommandbuilder to automatically generate commands of DataAdapter.
·         Adding / Editing / Deleting rows in the DataTable programatically.
·         SqlDataSource ,LINQ DataSource,Object datasource.
·         GridView.
·         DetailsView.
·         FormsView.
·         DataList.
·         Repeater.
·         ListView

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