Do you know? bathing and cleaning too much is too harmful

Yes fellas! I know almost every third person loves to avoid bathing daily and our moms, they are always on our back about it, it is a war that we loose every time. Like I remember when I was young I used to skip my bathing routine and my mom would be like, hey take a bath you are so dirty kid… Blah… Blah… and then there came her brahmastra, “I will tell your friends your teacher about it and they will know you are a bad dirty unhygienic kid” and I don’t know why but this brahmastra of hers always worked, it would make me behave like the good she wanted me to, but no, not any more, Today’s generation refuses to surrender. And as I have gone through your pain, I know what you are suffering so here is good news for everyone I have finally found a fact to back us up in the argument against the hygiene lovers. Sure, this may be disgusting to some, but to rest of us this is quite a relief.

Next time when someone forces or taunts you to take a shower daily you can simply win that argument by the facts that are stated below.


1.    Right time to take bath and clean your body

“Bathing Daily Is A Huge Waste Of Time, Water And Energy.”

Let’s start with knowing the right time to take a shower and clean your body. You’ll be surprised to know that the ideal time to bath and clean your body is Twice A Week. Yes just two times per week. Stop making a fuss about it and take one when you need one.

The average shower time of teenagers is often between 20 and 25 minutes! Just think about how much time you are going t be saving.

Imagine in the world full of people who don’t have time what you could do with an extra hour of your day? Think of All of those errands that you’ve been pushing off, well you can finally do all of them! Also Benjamin Franklin once said Time is money. So keep saving.

2.    Bathing Daily is Drying Your Skin

Caution Ahead!!  Over-bathing can dry out and irritate your skin. You might be washing away all the good bacteria and even be intensifying risk of infection which can be caused by small cracks in the skin which allows germs and other microbes to enter your body.

You might not know that these long hot showers that you love so much, they can lead to flaky, peeling, dry skin. Taking satisfying shower twice in a day might risk your skin from bacterial infection, not free your skin from it .The hot water that you think is relaxing leaches the natural oils that protects your skin also keep it moist and healthy.

3.     Not only soap but your bucket is also full of chemicals

You deal with several toxic chemicals everyday while bathing. Even your bucket is not safe for you. Soap is made of chemicals so it is totally dangerous or toxic for your skin but you will be amazed to know that even your Plastic buckets have or contain fatal chemicals. As soon as you pour warm water into the bucket the plastic reacts to the high temperature and releases toxic chemicals now this chemical enters your body through your nose mouth and ears. So the next time, be more careful around plastic buckets that are full of hot water.

4.    Reduce natural body oil

 Washing your skin regularly will strip away all the natural oils that are produced by the skin and also disturb our immune building bacteria on the skin. Shampoo removes oils that are needed to protect hair shafts and keep the scalp healthy and moisturized.” YOU’VE BEEN WASHING YOUR HAIR WRONG THIS ENTIRE TIME ANYWAY”.

5.    Replace soap with homemade and natural cleaners

A homemade soap or cleaner is much safer and it lessens your exposure to nasty chemicals. I know there are a dozen of brands that claim to be free of harmful chemicals but you will be disappointed to know that even the best ones often contain dozens of toxic ingredients. Some of the common toxic chemicals to lookout for include fragrance, sodium borate, ammonium, glycol ethers, formaldehyde, artificial colours or dyes and bleach.

6.    Reduce the use of makeup kit and types of creams

Yes girls I know this break your hearts but the use of various cosmetics and skin care products that are widely available in stores and salons, it is easier for us to achieve an attractive and beautiful skin and I know these products may seem effective but not all of them are safe.

These products are full of harmful synthetic chemicals because of which you may suffer with unsightly skin conditions. Yes It is true most of the makeup products and cosmetics are really bad for your skin and numerous studies has proved that they are toxic. Cosmetics and makeup can prevent your skin from breathing.

Written By: Komal Gusain


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