E-Accounting & Banking

Course Summary

In addition to making the physical world a better place, technology has also given business firms a new platform, a virtual world that is tech-savvy. Accounting is every business ‘ backbone. Digitisation, online filing of tax returns and GST have increased demand in the accounting field for trained E accountants. This course covers all major aspects of a business activity for different industries such as accounting, manufacturing, taxation, banking and payroll, etc. If you are an accountant or are looking for a career in accounting regardless of whether you are fresh or experienced, this E-ACCOUNTING course will help you understand and improve your professional skills. 

Introduction Of E-Accounting

Computer Operating & File Management

Office Automation

Advance Excel

Financial Accounting

Tally ERP9 & Business Accoutning

Tally ERP9 With GST


Taxations & E-Filling

SDP (Student Development Program)

Become a E-Accountant