Event Management Best Career Option After 12th

Event management industry is on fire nowadays. The business and opportunities both are increasing and increasing everyday.

If your organisational skills are too good to be true, well then this field is for you. Make full use of your fantastic skills that are really rare to be found in other people and choose event management as your career.

Ok so like always, let’s start with the basics. What are events?

Events are public or social occasions. Events are comprised of weddings concerts promotional activities, seminars, corporate meetings, birthday parties, launching of products etc. and this makes it a no brainer to understand what Event Management is.

It is absolutely true if you think that it is a proper planned, creation and development of events such as festivals, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, conventions etc. and the person who hosts the events and makes money by organising them is an Event Manager.

Event manager’s job normally includes:

• Understanding the client needs.
• Original ideas for events.
• Managing a team.
• Publicising the event.
• Booking of venues, entertainment, equipment and supplies.
• Budgets and timescales discussions with the client.
• Making sure that everything runs smoothly.
• Ensuring that health, safety and insurance regulations are followed.
• Research on venues, contacts and suppliers.
• Negotiating the prices with the suppliers and contractors.
• Hiring and supervising of contractors like caterers and security.


Students who have communication skills and marketing skills, and are creative, audacious and born leaders, these are the students who are targeted by event management companies.
Specialization in event management provides students with the skills they need to create and manage projects type of event. These may be within or outside an organization, and may be in areas as diverse as business, culture, sports, etc.


You can pursue a Diploma course of Event Management. To become a certified event planner, you have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, marketing, public relations, communications or business. And if you don’t have a degree then you’ll likely need 1-2 years of experience in the field.


You will be eligible for diploma in event management courses if you have at least 45% marks in class 12th. If you pursue Event Management courses after completing graduation they will certainly add extra value to your CV. You can also apply for PG Diploma with a minimum of 50% marks.

Course Beneficial

There are is an insatiable demand for event Management professionals. There are plenty of jobs in this industry. The event management industry has continued to grow rapidly. There are plenty of events like weddings, birthday parties, talent hunt and reality shows, fashion and cultural shows, academic and sports meets, religious functions, corporate events, conferences and so on where these professionals are in demand.
The event management courses are beneficial as you are given priority in every job interview if you have done a course.

Type of jobs

Talented youth who want to leave their mark everywhere in these industries have numerous opportunities. You can either join an event management company or you can even join a media house that specialises in event management activities. Once you have gathered ample experience you can either start working as a freelancer and you can even set up your own events business.

Written By: Surendra Gusain

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