Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Module no. 9: Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is Google’s web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform within the brand of the Google Marketing Platform. After purchasing developer Urchin, Google launched the service in November 2005.

Google Analytics has become the web analytics service most widely used on the web. Google Analytics provides an SDK for the collection of IOS and Android app usage data, known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

Google Analytics Content
·         Introduction to Google analytics
·         How Google analytics works
·         Understanding Google analytics account structure
·         Understanding Google analytics insights
·         Understanding cookie tracking
·         Types of cookie tracking used by Google analytics
·         Starting with Google analytics
·         How to set up analytics account
·         How to add analytics code in website
·         How to setup goals
·         Understanding different types of goals
·         Understanding bounce & bounce rate
·         Different between exit rate and bounce rate
·         How to reduce bounce rate
·         How to set up funnels in goals
·         Importance of funnels
·         How to integrate adwords and analytics account
·         Benefits of integrating adwords & analytics
·         Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google analytics
·         What is link tagging
·         How to set up link tagging
·         Understanding filters & segments
·         How to set up filters & segments
·         How to view customized reports
·         Monitoring traffic sources
·         Monitoring traffic behavior

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