Being healthy in todays era of junk food is really difficult, even with the type of lifestyle we all have adopted it becomes really hard to be disease free and lead an ideal healthy life. When we ask a person to be healthy and to look after themselves the usual reply we get is that they are really busy, their schedule is really hectic. So I just found the ideal diet plan which will not disturb your busy schedule and will add years to your lives……….continue reading

Yes, today’s hectic lifestyle has made our memory weak and almost every fourth person is depressed from life.
Do you think your life Sucks or drains the blood out of you? Are you unhappy? Or you are in a habit of forgetting things? Do you often feel negative?

Don’t worry nothing is wrong with you. It is just your mind which is getting affected because of your lifestyle, distance from nature and lack of positivity. Today I will tell you about the best Food for your mind, to feed with………continue reading

Heya Fellas! Let Us Start This Morning With Some Good Tips To Improve The Natural Healing Mechanism Of Your Body. See, Nobody Want To Be Taking Medicines. And Not Only That Taking Medicines Time To Time Is Hectic, Time Consuming And Who Are We Kidding For Most Of Us The Schedule Of Taking The Medicines Is Hard To Remember. It Is Adding More Of Burden On Our Shoulders When We Already Are Coping Up With All The Chaos Life Has.………continue reading

Howdy my lovelies. Today we will be talking about the most loved thing that is “food.” You might be surprised to know how many mistakes you are committing while cooking. But don’t worry when I am here like always I am going to be your knight in shinning armour once again. I am going to teach you everything about healthy food. So without so much ado let us start with the basics the question that comes to mind is………continue reading

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Yes fellas! I know almost every third person loves to avoid bathing daily and our moms, they are always on our back about it, it is a war that we loose every time. Like I remember when I was young I used to skip my bathing routine and my mom would be like, hey take a bath you are so dirty kid… Blah… Blah… and then there came her brahmastra, “I will tell your friends your teacher about it and they will know you are a bad dirty unhygienic kid” and I don’t know why but this brahmastra of hers always worked, it would make me behave like the good she wanted me to…………continue reading

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