Integrating php with my sql

Integration Of PHP With My SQL

Module No. 10: Integration of PHP with MySQL

Integration of PHP with My SQL: Building a PHP-driven page is the first step in mastering PHP. The real power of PHP shines when you connect it to a data source like an API or a Database. To introduce you to databases, we’ll use an example project — a Particular Media Library application. We’ll refactor this project by swapping an associative array with a database to provide a more robust and accessible tool to store the data in the media library. In the process, you’ll learn how to use PDO — a PHP extension to connect with a database. You’ll also learn about interactive databases including how to search for data across various tables, as well as how to add common web site features like search forms and pagination.

PHP & SQL Content
·         PHP MySQL Integration.
·         MySQL Functions.
·         Creating a database connection.
·         Selecting the DB.
·         Inserting data in database.
·         Inserting data with a File.
·         Retrieving all records.
·         Retrieving specific record.
·         Retrieving data with pagination.
·         Retrieving data in specific order.
·         Searching the records.
·         Editing Records.
·         Deleting the records.
·         PHP with Ajax.
·         XMLHttpRequest Object.
·         Ajax Methods and Properties.
·         Ajax Login.
·         Retrieving Data with Ajax.

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