Introduction of E-Accounting

Introduction Of E-Accounting

Module no. 1:  Introduction of E-Accounting

E-Accounting introduction: E-Accounting (or online accounting) is the application of online and Internet technologies to the function of business accounting. As an electronic version of traditional mail, e-accounting is “electronic enabling” of traditionally manual and paper-based legal accounting and traceable accounting processes.

E – accounting includes regular accounting functions, accounting research and accounting training and education through various internet or computer – based accounting tools, such as digital tool kits, various internet resources, international web – based materials, internet – based institutes and company databases, web links, internet – based accounting software and electronics.

E-Accounting Content
·         What is E-Accounting?
·         Why E-Accounting is best career options.
·         Who can do E-Accounting.
·         Career in E-Accounting.
·         Jobs in E-Accounting.
·         Application of E-Accounting.