Introduction to rdbms

Introduction To RDBMS

Module No. 8: Introduction to RDBMS

Introduction to RDBMS: what a relational database management system (RDBMS) is.  It describes basic RDBMS functions and contrasts RDBMS with other database management systems (DBMS) and other data storage methods.

Database design is also discussed, containing the important concept of database regularization. The most extensively used database management systems and RDBMS vendors are introduced at the end of the tutorial.

RDBMS Content
·         Introduction to DBMS & RDBMS.
·         E-R Database Model.
·         Tables, Records, and Fields.
·         MySQL Command-Line.
·         PHP MyAdmin.
·         Creating Databases, Fields & Tables.
·         Database Engines.
·         Data types in MySQL.
·         Primary / Foreign & Unique Keys.
·         Insert, Delete, Update & View Records.
·         Drop Database / Tables.
·         Backup / Restore.
·         Connecting to Live Server.

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