Student Development Program (SDP)

Module No.13 : Student Development Program

SDP (Student Development Programme):A holistic personality is being sought by organizations today. Dynamic individuals, go-getters, having leadership qualities and working as a team member would be comfortable. It is impossible to encapsulate all these and much more within the syllabus of a management program.

DOTNET has realized the significance of soft skills in achieving success in the corporate world. Apart from IQ , we also focus on emotional and social quotient , which gives a cutting edge to our students. We have a very advanced student development program that focus on soft skills teaching. Soft skills today include not only good etiquettes, body language and communication skills but goes beyond. We train and mentor students in the following:


SDP Contents

Personality Development
Developing Positive Attitude
A High Quality Work Ethic
Time Management Capability
Accepting Constructive Critism
Working Under Pressure And Delivering Result
Self Promotion Skills
Crafty Handling Of Office Politics
Self Direction And Motivation