Taxation & E-Filling

Module no. 8: Taxations

Taxation: Taxation is a government process that claims money from the general population to use that money to run the country. Ideally, a government will only spend the amount it gains in taxation, though it usually spends much more in the Western world and runs a deficit in the budget.

Taxations Content

Direct Tax

Basic Concepts Of Income Tax
Heads of Income and Slab Rates.
Income From Salary, House Property, Business, Profession, Others Sources..
Capital Gain, Deduction Under U/A.
Agriculture Income, Return of Income, Advance tax & TDS

Indirect Tax

About Goods & Services Tax (GST).
Overview – CGST/SGST/IGST.
Special Cases , Exemption, Composition Sceem and Tax rates.
Invoicing under GST.
GST Return Filing.
About VAT/CST/ Service Tax & Excise duty.


·         Income Tax Returns.
·         TDS e-Filing. | VAT e-Filing. | Service Tax e-Filing.
·         Using Software : Spacturam, WebTel & TDSMAN.

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