Top 10 Career Options for Graphic Designer

Hola chicos!! Today’s blog is for all the muddled graphic designers who cannot decide which career path they should choose.

First of all let me tell you what a graphic design is.

A Graphic design is communication tool. It helps to convey your ideas in a way that is effective and beautiful too. A Good design makes you look good. Graphic designers develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

Graphic design is one of the fields that have several career options to choose from. But you are the master of your own fate and you should be designing your future in whatever template you like and if designing and being creative is your thing then this blog is for you. Here I’ve mentioned the top 10 career options for a graphic designer. Let’s hope you would find your true calling in one of them.

1.Fashion Designer

If you are acing your aesthetic game well then you can make a remarkable use of your skills like creative thinking and designing skills, in this industry and even the employers in this industry are searching employees who are creative and think out of the box with effective skills.

So if you are fascinated by the fact of visual expression and if the whole fashion designing industry makes sense to you then you should go for this career path without hesitation. Make full use of your skills,

2.UX/UI Designer

Who is a UX/UI Designer?
UX designers are concerned with the overall feel of the product, user interface designers and are particular about how the product is laid out. UX refers to the user’s experience, which is focused on how something works and how people interact with it whereas UI, or user interface, is totally focused on the look and layout. A UX designer ensures that the product makes sense to the users by creating a path that logically flows from one step to the next. Many people choose to study graphics because of the visual element of the design. Choose this career as your future.

3.Wedding Invitation Designer

Your graphic designing skills can come in handy while creating a wedding invitation design. Your effective designing skills can help you make a thriving career in this field. There is a boom in the wedding industry as people are ready to spend a good amount of money to the Wedding Invitation Designer as wedding invitation cards hold a special value.

So if you choose this as your career then you will certainly be making a good amount of money.

4.Letterpress Printer

Letterpress printing is a way of printing using a printing press. It’s a process by which many copies are produced. Letterpress printing is likely to be a dream career for several people. It’s a highly skilled practice which takes years of work to develop the trade.
So if you are an expert in your skills you should go for this career option and prove that you’re worth it.

5.3D Illustrator

A 3D Illustrator is a three-dimensional artist who works in media production, creating elements for video games, 3D images, and 3D movies. Mostly, animations and graphics are created by making use of both illustrations and computer programs.

Most 3D artists need a college degree in multimedia design but as a graphic designer you will get jobs because of your effective skills.

6.Book Cover Designer

Ok Yes, I know what you are thinking that in this aura of E books how can a book cover designer survive? Well you might be surprised to know that these printed pages are still in high demand by book lovers all over the world.

And with your impressionable skills of designing you can make a fortune out of it if you target these book lovers by designing creative book covers as per their tastes and preferences.

7.Game Designer

Leave the children, even adults are head over heels for games so indeed choosing game designing as a career is a bit of a challenge but if you have faith in yourself then no one can stop you to move mountains.

With a creative mind like yours you can work wonders in this field. People are crazy over games and if you ask me then I would say if you believe you can do it then nothing should be stopping you. Be a hero to all the children make an amazing career in Game designing.

8.Packaging Designer

With the increased competition in the market there is a high competition between brands and they are always looking for creative designers with innovative ideas for marketing their products. So if you can produce engaging artwork for their packaging then why not make a living out of it. Get every brand fight over you be part of this rewarding industry. So if you are a creative person and love designing then what are you waiting for?

9.Teacher / Lecturer

Well if you like teaching then you can go for this industry blindly. You can help all the budding designers out there who need your guidance. You can be a part of this great process where you help people be what they want to be and be the reason behind their dreams becoming reality. Be their role model, their guru, their teacher and guide them to be better and reach excellence.

10.Web Designer

Web Designing is the process of collecting aesthetically arranging and implementing ideas. So Graphic designing is well suited to web designing. The design and development of websites and web pages are different careers, but they can be done by the same creative professional. They design, create and maintain websites. Web designing includes webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Make an amazing career out of your designing skills and become a Web designer

Set your career goals and start your journey towards it. Be whoever you want to be. Nobody is stopping you from touching sky. I Hope this blog was helpful to you comment below if you have questions.

Written by: Surendra Gusain

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