Why is English language so important?


Hey fellas!! Today I will tell you all about English language and why it is important to learn this language.

English is a West Germanic language which became a global lingua franca (common language across the globe) and as it is a universally accepted language it is very much considered the first preference when hiring an employ so when it comes to job opportunities, fluent English is really important to ace your interviews.

It is one of the most dominating languages of the world and it has its impact on every field of work. It also plays a much greater role in the world that it is not certain for people to ignore it fully. I’m going to tell you why do you need this language? Why is it such an important language? In what ways English is undoubtedly helpful to you?

So let’s set the ball rolling, below are the points that you are looking for.

1. Good Impression

The key to ace your impression game is English. Trust me when I say English can do wonders for you in making a first good impression. Yes the first thing you might see is the way the person is dressed but the most important thing is how he speaks or the way he speaks.

For example you go for an interview and the HR of the company is dressed badly and is looking totally unprofessional and as soon as she starts talking to you in her local language you might wonder if you are at the right place, neither you will be able to understand her nor you will have a good impression of that company.

On the other hand if the HR speaks fluently in English and has a nice vocabulary you will have a better impression of the company.

You don’t get second chances on making first good impressions, and if you are master in English you won’t ask for a second chance, you will nail it at once.

2. Improves Your Self-Esteem

Improving and nurturing your self-esteem is surprisingly tough. The most important judgments we make is about ourselves. Effective language skills help you to boost up your self-confidence and make a remarkable impact on people. Positive self-esteem comes with psychological growth and the desire to trust ourselves. It helps us to win over people, to leave a good impression over them and by doing so it also helps us to believe in ourselves and improves our self-confidence.

Well we humans are social animals and believe it or not everyone likes to be liked and when you know everyone is impressed with your hold on English language. You feel good about yourself. Your qualities boost up your confidence.  So when English helps you make a lasting impression on people it improves your self-esteem.

3. Importance In Education

Good English is classy but it is also a chance for you to best universities for the continuation of your studies and specializations.
Learning English is not only for improving you but it is also for improving your quality of life. You can go to other countries and have your degrees without learning a new language as English is a common language which is spoken everywhere. With fluent communication skills you can easily have access to several jobs, you can evaluate an international career and you can even live in many countries.
English is the doorway to universities but only If you master the language.  It can be tremendously helpful in GD’s PI’s for admissions.

Well if you want to apply to foreign universities for admission I need not remind you about the IELTS EXAM (International English Language Testing System).IELTS is required for entry to foreign universities in most of the other countries.

4. Importance While Travelling Abroad

Do you want to travel and meet people all around the world? Are you afraid how’d you communicate without knowing other languages?

Well cheer up because more than a quarter of the world’s population speaks English which means about 1.6 billion people understand and relate with English. Even most of the films are in this language, Hollywood is the largest film industry which is producing movies and shows in English. People speak in English in almost every corner of the world. It is a universally accepted language which helps you to communicate with people all around the word. Even the international trade agreements are concluded in English, as it is the most widely used language for international business meetings.

5. Importance For Professional Needs

English is a really important language for professional and personal goals. It doesn’t matter if you are starting out in English, or you have learned it, understanding the importance of the language will help you reach fluency and change your life. Every organisation wants employees who have exceptional language skills to win over people and charm their clients easily.

If you are to enter a global workforce then learning English should be your priority As English is a dominant business language which has made it a necessity for people to speak English. Even the world shows that cross-border business communication is most often conducted in English. Its importance in the global market place has made it really valuable for every profession.

Just imagine if you don’t learn English and the company where you are an employ trades globally how will you communicate with your clients or customers for that matter? Or think about how many different languages you’ll have to learn? This will make communication really difficult. English is a global lingua franca which means it’s the common language that is spoken all over the world.

6. Language of tech savvy generation

Well English is becoming the slang language of our tech-savvy youth. Most of the internet web pages are dominated by this language.

It clearly means that if you don’t know this language then you are missing out on more than half of the things on internet. And it’s not even like it is very difficult to learn, No it is not, in reality it is one of the easiest language to learn as compared to other languages.

Billions of people talk to each other in English through social media across the globe every day. Then there is our emailing system. Emails are very common these days, but if you don’t know the language how will you access anything? There are endless opportunities that you are missing out on.

If you learn this language then you will no longer have to depend on other people to translate things to you. You won’t need to feel less knowledgeable. You could watch English movies web series celebrities interviews that come in English whenever you want.

If you are a Bookaholic or a book lover then my congratulations are on your way as you have discovered a new realm for yourself. A kingdom filled with lots and lots of potential writers who are waiting for you to read their books.

English can open doors to a whole new world that is right now out of your reach.

So don’t miss out on anything now. And I hope you understood why it is so important to learn this Language and why you need it.

We have introduced English classes for students who want to learn this language. Make your own path, be a better version of you each day, Change for good and improve yourselves, at DOTNET Institute. We are helping students to be a better version of them. Join us in our journey to be a better self. For course related queries contact us or visit our centre.

And If I missed out on something in this blog or you have other questions for me, feel free to comment below.

Written By: Komal Gusain


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