Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Module no. 13: YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing: With over 1,325,000,000 people using Youtube, Youtube has massive traffic and viewers. Every minute of every day, there are currently 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube–5 hours of video content every second! Which only validates the growing trend of video marketing–the numbers say it all.

In fact, Cisco has been scrambling over the past few years to re engineer its routers to deal with what they call the “video attack.” By 2017, video was at least 78% of all internet traffic. ALREADY video traffic is more than half of all web traffic after 5PM — YouTube, Netflix, and other businesses that serve as top video platforms.

Youtube Marketing Content
·       Introduction of YouTube.
·       How to Create YouTube Channel?
·       How to Upload Videos?
·       How to Optimize Video?
·       Custom Settings of Video.
·       YouTube Engagement Matrices
·       Increasing Subscribers
·       Annotations and Cards
·       How to use Playlist
·       Understanding Copyrights and Spam
·       YouTube Studio
·       YouTube Analytics

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