Avoid these #8 Mistakes while Hunting Jobs Online

Mistakes, everyone commits them. We are all different but the only thing that is common among all of us is our nature of making mistakes. Often we don’t realise we are making them. It is very human of us to commit mistakes, so it’s ok if you make mistakes at every step of the way.

Committing mistakes is not the problem, repeating the same mistake is. If you want to be successful then you better not repeat the same mistakes again and again.

Now let’s come back to our today’s main agenda “the mistakes that we commit while hunting jobs online”.

Are you looking for a job? But still are unemployed? Don’t know what mistakes you are committing?

It’s important that you take the right steps while applying for jobs. We all may agree that Internet has changed the whole job search scenario but job searching is still a difficult process, there are probably some common mistakes that as a job seeker you are committing. Don’t worry I am here to help you out. You will learn about all the 11 common mistakes that people make which you should avoid while hunting for jobs online in this blog.

1. Lack of Formal Attitude

It’s never good to use the similar informal attitude while applying for jobs online, being too informal might have a bothersome effect on some recruiters and it may endanger your candidature as you are expected to behave in a certain formal way in a workplace.
Informal attitude is for friends and family and it is most certainly characterized by relaxed and friendly attitude. An employer may consider your informal attitude as a lack of professionalism and if you are using such behaviour then I think you might need to reconsider it as you might be risking your career if you don’t understand the importance of formal attitude while seeking jobs.


Don’t apply for the Positions that you are not eligible for. Yes, some jobs might fascinate you but applying for the Positions that you are not eligible for is totally useless because the employers don’t have time to review such applications. You are not only wasting the time of the employer but you are wasting your time too. Instead of looking for jobs according to your qualifications where you might have chances to land up for personal interviews you are burning your precious time in applying for jobs that you aren’t even qualified for. Applying for jobs that you are not qualified for is like you have your maths exam the next day but you are preparing for English exam.

3. Submitting Bloated Resume

Your resume should be a key to what the employer desires. Instead of delivering generic statements about your skills or experiences you can highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to your target job. Most of the job seekers commit the biggest mistake of submitting a bloated resume while searching for jobs.
Well your resume isn’t your English paper where you have to write stories. Employers are seeking an efficient employee not a story writer so stop bloating your resume. Highlight all the skills and experiences that are required for the job profile. If you give the employer what he is looking for then the chances for you to get the coveted job are very likely.

4. Sending a Resume without Cover Letter

The cover letter allows you to leave a good impression over the employers in a very specific way. With a different cover letter, with each application, your resume will require only a few changes.
So the next time when you apply for jobs don’t forget to attach a cover letter with your resume. A cover letter will help you to leave a good impression over the employers. It will improve your chances of getting employed.
so next time when you apply for a job online don’t forget to attach a cover letter along with it.

5. Underestimating Social Networking Websites

We often underestimate social networking sites. Social networking sites are not only made for chit chatting with other people, with the websites or with social media you can also find jobs and with this new medium you can also create and support a professional brand using social networking sites.

Social media is a platform with vast opportunities for the youth but socialising is given much more importance than utilising such opportunities. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and seek job opportunities which are in front of you.

6. Relying only on Few Job Portals

Why narrow your options? Internet gives us vast possibilities for job searches as there are a number of websites providing a platform to find you a suitable job but still, some of the candidates apply only at some particular websites and decrease their chances of getting hired.

So stop narrowing your options, do all the research work on all the portals that are providing you job opportunities and don’t miss out on your options.

7. Giving Your Company’s E-mail Address to Online Job Portals

Do not use your Company’s E-mail Address for job searching; you can use your personal account. Moreover also avoid sending resumes and cover letters from your work email account or using that email address when you apply online. When you apply for jobs using your company’s email address it gives a wrong message to the employers like that you are using your working hours to apply for jobs and you can do the same to them and that you are using company’s resources and you are capable to do it to them in the future if they hire you.

In addition to that let me remind you that your company’s email account is not private, it belongs to your employer and they can access it, just think how awful it will be for you if they ever come across all your job applications.

8. Not Doing Follow-up

A company receives almost thousands of application for a particular job opening and to stand out, sending your resume with a cover letter is not sufficient enough. So you need to show your passion for the job by doing follow up regularly because employers or recruiters typically seek follow-up emails.

A follow up may help the employer to understand your devotion and commitment for work and it may increase your chances of getting hired. So next time when you apply somewhere don’t forget to do a follow up.

9. Lack of knowledge

These days’ students have incomplete knowledge of everything they are in a habit of getting things on their plate they don’t know about more than half of the job providing portals and hence are missing out on a lot of opportunities.
Social media is just for socialising this is what they think. They are wasting their precious time which they should be spending on making their careers on chatting, basically called socialising. Nowadays practical knowledge is more preferred over theoretical knowledge but the youth lacks it. They don’t have an idea about professionalism and the hirers are looking out for a complete package person who acquires both theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
So you are basically getting yourself rejected because first you don’t have proper knowledge where to apply and that you also lack practical knowledge.

10. Regular updation in technology

In this new era of tech savvy generation there is a regular updation in technology and still people are more interested in socialising then doing research for their careers. There is a lack of digital awareness which is leading people to waste their quality time on things that are less important. Yes this new tech savvy world has brought a tremendous change in our career opportunities but with the regular updation in the technology people are unaware of more than half of the things which probably means millions of opportunities are missed or lost by us every day.

11. Know your skills

Well the first thing is to identify your skills as you might come across a high job demanding effective soft skills but until and unless you know that you already are inheriting the soft skills required for that job how will you apply for it.
The other thing about knowing your skills is that your skills will help you to find a perfect job for you. If you know your skills you will know which job you should go for you will be clear of the direction you have to go and you will be able to sort out jobs easily.

Hope this blog will be helpful for you to get your dream job. Dotnet institute is providing professional courses so if you want to make a successful career you can join our courses. Contact us for more information on the courses or visit our centre.

If we left out on anything in this blog or you have further questions feel free to comment below. Have a good day.


Written by: Surendra Gusain

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