How to Improve Healing Power Naturally

Heya Fellas! Let Us Start This Morning With Some Good Tips To Improve The Natural Healing Mechanism Of Your Body. See, Nobody Want To Be Taking Medicines. And Not Only That Taking Medicines Time To Time Is Hectic, Time Consuming And Who Are We Kidding For Most Of Us The Schedule Of Taking The Medicines Is Hard To Remember. It Is Adding More Of Burden On Our Shoulders When We Already Are Coping Up With All The Chaos Life Has.

Let Me Put Off This Burden Off Your Shoulders. Let Me Be Your Knight In Shinning Armour. I Have Written This Blog To Help You Know All About The Natural Healing Mechanism And Tips To Improve  Your Healing Process.  

What Is The Meaning Of Healing?

Healing Means Restoration Of Health, It Is The Process To Become Healthy Again After A Physical Or Mental Distress.

Healing Involves The Repair Of Living Tissue, Organs And The Biological System As A Whole And Recommitment To Normal Functioning Of Body.

When You Are Physically Damaged Or Wounded Or If You Are Suffering From Any Disease That Is If You Are Ill, You Take Medicines To Heal But Have You Ever Wondered How It Would Feel If We Start Healing Naturally And The Dependency On Medicines For Healing Is Totally Gone! 

Benefits Of Healing Naturally
  • Our Body Functions at Its Best Potential.
  • Cleansing Your Body And Giving It The Energy Lift That It Needs Through Natural Health Healing Will Help You To Handle All The Stress That Comes From Everyday Life.
  • You Know That When You Are Healthier, You Are Also More Likely To Be Able To Look At Every Situation In Your Life In A Positive Light
Healing Power According To Age

Yes it is true that Elderly People Go through Delayed Wound Healing As Compared To Younger People, Even until now, we have not been able to discover what age-related changes may hinder the body’s ability of healing.

“Once you are wounded your skin cells migrate in and close the wound within days, but with aging, It becomes hard to communicate between skin cells and their immune cells and so It slow down the healing process.”

Age has a massive effect on how quickly and well you recover. And as you get older you experience physiological changes which put you at a greater risk of poor healing. Yes it depends on the person’s own state of wellness, but because of our bodily changes that are largely out of one’s control, these age-related changes have a harmful effect on the natural healing process

Types of Way to Improve Healing Power of Body Naturally

Intermittent Fasting

Fast for at least 16 hours a day it will improve your healing power, yes it sounds weird but trust me by fasting you can improve your healing mechanism. Let me tell you how.

Your stomach can digest food that comes directly from nature much faster than any other processed food. Here is a list of food items and the time they take up for digestion.





















Grains bread snacks takes almost 18 hours to digest and the healing power stops healing and gets busy in the digestion process. Before our food is digested completely we take in more food and our body keeps on digesting food for all 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Start Eat Healthy, drinking coconut water And Live Long. Eat fruits and vegetable which will take almost 6 hours from your 16 hours fasting time and rest hours will be utilised by your healing power. You Can Give Your Body All the Nutrition It Needs Which Will not only Improve Your Immune System Also Escalate the Healing PROCESS OF Your Body.

Cold Wet Pack


Take a white cotton cloth about 1 metre by 2.5, similar to a bed sheet

Fold it into a long strip about 10 inches wide and dip it in cold water, as cold as you can easily bear and squeeze it out and tuck it in so that it doesn’t fall off. Your navel should lie between the strip of the cloth.

Take another cotton strip much smaller this time, dip it in water and wrap around your fore head.

Repeat the process with small strip and this time wrap it around your neck. If you want, wear your clothes over it and continue with your work.

Keep it on for about 40 minutes. Apply this method at any time (after or before eating) but don’t eat or drink anything while it is on.

How is this cold wet pack helpful?
Parts of your body where the wet pack is applied, becomes cold while the rest of the body remains warm and when two temperatures are maintained in your body at the same time because of which Stagnant blood starts circulating and automatically the toxins are also circulated then it’s finally removed.


Outright dissolves the hard crusty stuff that has formed a layer inside your intestine just like the black hard crusty stuff that sticks to the bottom of your pan and pots. How do you get rid of it? Yes you sock it in water but how will you get water inside your intestine? The answer is simple by Enema. Some pharmacists have this thing but it is way much easier to find it online.

How does it work?
Buy an enema it is not at all costly wash it twice or thrice then fill 300-500 ml of water in your enema pot. Lubricate the tip of the pipe with something natural like coconut oil or olive oil. Place it somewhere like on the shelf it should be higher than your butt. There are many ways to do this

Kneel down on the floor stick the pipe in your rectum about 2 inches, one hand holding the tip of the pipe so it doesn’t fall out. Let the water empty inside your intestine then pull out the pipe leave the enema in the sink and hold the water inside for about 10 minutes.

Walk and massage the stomach clock and anti clock wise. All the encrusted filth will leave its place, when you feel the pressure, go to the bathroom and you will be amazed to see how full of waste your intestines were.

You will feel so good and clean your energy levels will be through the roof. This is completely safe and natural.  


Positive Thoughts Attract Positive Things In Life. Be Positive And You Will Feel Happy. Half Of Our Lives We Are Wasting In Negativity And Thinking Bad Will Happen, But Only We Can Change That. If Anything Bad Has To Happen In The Future It Will Happen So Why Waste Your Time Worrying About It Right Now Live Your Life Think Positive And Work Hard As It Increases Self Confidence And Your Endurance To. Be Optimistic AND Boost Your Immunity. Believe Positive Things Will Happen And They Will Surely Happen To You. It Might Take You By Surprise But Optimistic Thinking Or Optimistic Lifestyle Can Really Work Wonders

Find OUT WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS FIND THE MEANING IN YOUR ILLNESS.  Illness Is A Way Of Your Body Telling You That It Lacks Something And Needs It Or You Can Say It Is Your Body’s Way To Communicate Its Problems To You. You Can Find Out What Is Causing THE PROBLEM AND FIX It. Learn TO SELF-NURTURE BECAUSE SELF CARE IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF. Taking Care Of Yourself Is Not At All Selfish, Self Care Is The Best Gift That You Can Give Your Body Yes Indeed Many People Will Suggest You The Opposite But Don’t Let Their Words Affect You. Once You Are Healthy Then You Can Also  Take Care Of Your Family In A Much Better Way You Can Lead A Healthy Life And Be There For Everyone.

You Can Heal Your Body By Using The Power Of Your Mind.

Your Mind Is Your Strongest Weapon. If You Believe You Can Heal Then Surely You Can. Your MIND CAN BE YOUR BEST ASSET, LEARN HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN AND LET YOUR BODY PERFORM AT ITS PEAK. All You Need Is Belief Trust Me You Belief Can Do Wonders. All You Have To Do Is Just Believe In Something Will Happen And I Assure You It Will. Everyone HAS THE ABILITY TO BUILD Their MENTAL STRENGTH And With PRACTICE, MENTAL EXERCISES Can Lead To Be THE KEY TO LIVING A LONGER, HAPPIER LIFE.Build Your Mental Strength And Practice Some Mental Exercises Try And Keep Your Self Calm And Lead A Stress-Free Life. As They Say Happiness Is A Choice So Start Making This Choice


At The End I Would Love To Conclude With An old Quote That “Nothing Is Impossible And Even The Word Impossible Says I’m Possible.” Anything Can Be Achieved And Even Your Natural Healing Power Can Be Improved If You Are Positive And If You Believe In It.


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