“DOTNET Is a Pool of Earning Opportunities”

We are always working hard to create best opportunities for students. This campaign is all about learning and earning side by side. We are appreciating all our hardworking students. This campaign is giving you a new platform to showcase your skills and discover your true potential. In this campaign we have 5 programs which are mentioned below.

“Get your seat reserved with your quality work”

1. Internship Program

We are giving out internships to potential hard working students who want to do something in their lives. This is an opportunity to add experience in your resumes.

“Get the Jobs to Chase you”

2. Jobs After Internship

We provide jobs after our internship program. This is a job program. Once you are skilled and groomed as a professional individual then nobody can stop you to reach heights in your career.


“Gift your close ones a  CAREER”

3. Student Referral Program

The name STUDENT REFERRAL speaks for itself. The student referral program is a refer and earn program.  This is a chance to Refer us and once the admission is done get paid.

“Sharpen your skills and start Earning”

4. Project Work Selling

We believe our students are a treasure box full of raw talents and so we are giving you a chance to showcase your TALENT AND SKILLS.  The process isn’t easy; from several projects only the best or you can say only one of their own kind projects will get themselves a place on our INDIAN IT EXPERT WEBSITE.

“Let your words speak for themselves”

5. Content Writing

This is an opportunity for all the students to let their words speak for themselves. www.indianitexpert.com is a platform where you can to speak up your mind. Students can submit their blogs, articles content they write and we will judge the quality of the content and once it passes all our criteria we will publish it on our website.

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